Mount Lehman Farm

Naturally Raised Grass-Fed Beef

How buying a 1/4 cow or side (1/2 cow) works:


  1. Reserve your order for spring or fall by placing a deposit of $100. per 1/4 cow
  2. Once sides and 1/4’s arrive at the butcher we will send you a list of questions the butcher is going to ask you about how you want your meat cut.
  3. Once the butcher assigns the customers to the hanging weights Mount Lehman Farms will email you an invoice.
  4. Mount Lehman Farms will contact you and let you know when your order will be ready for pick up from the butcher.
  5. You have two options to pay. You can either prepay Mount Lehman Farms by email transfer 3 days before pick up date or leave a check at the butcher made out to Mount Lehman Farm.


Answers to commonly asked Questions:


  • The price is $8. per lbs based on hanging weight (1/4 cow will be between $950 to $1,200. – Subject to weight of cow)
    [The hanging weight is the weight after the abattoir has processed the animal but before the butcher has cut and wrapped.
    The average hanging weight is between 500 to 600 pounds for a whole cow. Your take home weight after cutting and wrapping would be approx. 65% of hanging weight]
  • The cutting directions you give will affect the take home weight.
  • The price includes cutting and wrapping.
  • You get to talk to the butcher and go over cutting options.
  • Sausage, pepperoni or jerky would be an extra charge payable directly to the butcher.


Here are two examples of how two different customers got there 1/4’s cut up:


Customer one got
4 roasts, 30 steaks, 32 lbs of ground beef,
4 lbs of stew beef, 2 pkg. short ribs and 3 five lbs bags of soup bones.

Customer two got
7 roasts, 20 steaks, 23 lbs of ground beef,
10 lbs stew beef, 1pkg short ribs, one brisket, 3 shank steaks and 3 five lbs bags of soup bones.