Mount Lehman Farm

Naturally Raised Grass-Fed Beef

Butcher Form – 1/2

  • What size roast? 3 to 4 pounds is normal for a family of 4
  • How thick would you like your steaks? 7/8" is normal
  • How many steaks per package would you like? Most common is 2 per package
  • What type of steaks would you like?
    Please choose UP TO 2 Round Steaks or Baron of Beef Roast or Hamburger?
    Please choose UP TO 2 Rump roasts or have it cut into steak? (Makes a good roast)
    Please choose UP TO 2 Sirloin tip roast or have it cut into steak? (best for roast)
    Please choose UP TO 2 Would you like rib steaks or a prime rib roast or rib eye steaks?
    Please choose UP TO 2 Would you like very large chuck steaks or a chuck roast or hamburger? (if you don't want the large chuck steak, I recommend to just save the chuck eye for steaks and hamburger the rest)
    Please choose UP TO 2 Short ribs can be cut for oven roast or Maui style
    The brisket can be made into a point roast or turned into hamburger (if you haven't tried slow roasting or smoking a brisket before you should it's worth the weight)
  • Would you like shank steaks? (they are a steak you would put in a slow cooker)
  • Hamburger will come in 1-pound packages unless you are getting a half or more then you can request any size you want
  • How many pounds of stew beef do you want? It's in one-pound packages most people get 6 pounds per 1/4. (If you get more or less it just adds to or takes away from the amount of ground beef you get)
  • Do you want soup bones for making bone broth?
    Do you want any of the organ meat? Check as many or as few as you want Note-If there are more requests than available organ meat, these will be dispersed lottery style. Hanging weight does not include the weight of the organ meat.
  • It is $2.25 per pound for uncooked sausage like Hot or mild Italian sausage. It is $3.25 per pound for cooked products like pepperoni or farmer sausage. There is a minimum order for this of 25 pounds per item but if more than one person wants it, I can split it between two people. All of these are all beef no pork or fillers added. To see what sausages are available refer to the sausage section of our order online page.